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2017 (4th) Gene Editing and Clinical Application Seminar
Time and venue : 9th-10th June 2017, Shanghai, China
About : The gene editing technology, represented by CRISPR / Cas9, has greatly promoted the great progress of the whole life science research field. Those can be firstly expected in the breakthrough of congenital hereditary disease and single gene disease treatment. For this purpose, Bioon will hold 2017 (4th) Gene Editing and Clinical Application Seminar on June 9th -10th, 2017.
Website : http://meeting.bioon.com/2017geneediting

2017 Symposium on Optogenetics and Disease Research
Time and venue : 16th-17th June 2017 , Shanghai
About : The topics of the seminar mainly focus on four points, the research progress of the Optogenetics,the effect of the Optogenetics on the function of neural circuits, the clinical application of the Optogenetics on the treatment of the nervous system diseases and multidisciplinary serious diseases. We devoted to help the researchers who worked on neurosciences cooperate with people who engaged in the research and development works of Optogenetics. At the same time, we wish the Optogenetics could be widely applied to other scientific research field, this seminar will provide a platform for the broad of scientific researchers to communicate and cooperate with each others.
Website : http://meeting.bioon.com/2017optogenetics
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