Aims and Scope
We are particularly interested in promoting the translation of basic researches into clinical practice; nevertheless, the coverage extends to other basic and clinical studies related to genetics including molecular and clinical genetics, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacogenomics, molecular biology, pharmacology, and oncology. Articles with a clinical interest and implications for helping patients will be given preference.

Articles in the following themes are welcome, but not limited to:
1. Single gene disorder, rare genetic disease, specific genetic syndromes, and complex genetic-related diseases;
2. Research related to preventive genomics and realization of personalized health-risk assessments;
3. Bioinformatics in genetic medicine and genomics;
4. The application of genetics in stem cells and pluripotent stem cells;
5. Researches related to gene therapy;
6. Application of next-generation sequencing in clinical practice;
7. Application of genetics in precision medicine;
8. Genetics in unlocking disease mechanisms, management, and target discovery;
9. Utilization of genomics data for disease risk prediction and molecular classification;
10. Gene and environment;
11. Genetic counseling;
12. Integration of genomics to other “omics” platforms.
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