About Translational Genetics and Genomics
Translational Genetics and Genomics is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal.
The journal’s full text is available online at http://tggjournal.com/. Translational Genetics and Genomics is a quarterly journal launched by OAE Publishing Inc.. This journal aims to provide a free platform for basic and clinical researchers and scholars in the field of genetics and genomics to exchange the latest progress and promote the development of the field. The journal does not charge any fee on submission, processing, or publication of manuscripts; color reproduction of photographs is also free. All articles published by Translational Genetics and Genomics will be widely promoted and available online after publication. The journal publishes Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports, Brief Communications, Clinical Studies, Editorial, and Letters to the Editor. Moreover, manuscripts with videos are also welcome.
Aims and Scope
We are particularly interested in promoting the translation of basic researches into clinical practice; nevertheless, the coverage extends to other basic and clinical studies related to genetics including molecular and clinical genetics, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacogenomics, molecular biology, pharmacology, and oncology. Articles with a clinical interest and implications for helping patients will be given preference.

Articles in the following themes are welcome, but not limited to:

1. Single gene disorder, rare genetic disease, specific genetic syndromes, and complex genetic-related diseases;
2. Research related to preventive genomics and realization of personalized health-risk assessments;
3. Bioinformatics in genetic medicine and genomics;
4. The application of genetics in stem cells and pluripotent stem cells;
5. Researches related to gene therapy;
6. Application of next-generation sequencing in clinical practice;
7. Application of genetics in precision medicine;
8. Genetics in unlocking disease mechanisms, management, and target discovery;
9. Utilization of genomics data for disease risk prediction and molecular classification;
10. Gene and environment;
11. Genetic counseling;
12. Integration of genomics to other “omics” platforms.
Why Publish in Translational Genetics and Genomics
1. Open access to all published articles free of charge.
2. No charge for manuscript processing, publication, and reproduction.
3. Rapid publication (45 days at most).
4. Rigorous and impartial peer review.
5. Accessible to a global readership.
6. Promotion of published articles in various channels worldwide.
Open Access Statement

Translational Genetics and Genomics is committed to open access for academic work. All of Translational Genetics and Genomics’ articles are free to access immediately from the date of publication. There is no charge for manuscript processing and publication and there is no charge for readers to read, subscribe, copy, print, and download.
Translational Genetics and Genomics also operates under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License that allows others to remix, transform, and build upon the work non-commercially, as long as the author is credited and the new creations are licensed under the identical terms.

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