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    TBK1 regulates p62/sqstm1 mediated autophagic clearance of intracellular ubiquitinated Staphylococcus aureus in human epithelial cells

    Arun Kumar Singh , Pooja Patel , Dhanendra Tomar , Rochika Singh , Lakshmi Sripada , Paresh Prajapati , Kritarth Singh , Rajesh Singh
    Aim: Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), previously considered an extracellular pathogen, can also survive in the intracellular environment of the host cell. It is now evident that autophagy controls intracellular survival of bacteria, however, the role of autophagy in controlling S. aureus survival in epithelial cells is not well understood. The objective of current work was to study the role of ubiquitin in regulating selective autophagy of S. aureus. Methods: Intracellular survival of S. aureus in epithelial cells was studied by gentamycin protection assay. Autophagy was monitored by...
    First Published on: 21 May 2017
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