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    Differential microRNA expression in airway fibroblasts of asthmatic and non-asthmatic subjects identify putative therapeutic targets

    Robert Vender , Katie Trank , Monica Kraft , Jennifer L. Ingram , Faoud T. Ishmael
    Aim: To identify airway fibroblast miRNAs that contribute to interleukin-13 (IL-13)-induced airway remodeling in asthma. Methods: Mild asthmatic (n = 13) and non-asthmatic human subjects (n = 16) underwent bronchoscopy with endobronchial biopsy. Cultured airway fibroblasts were treated with or without dexamethasone (dex) or IL-13 for 24 h. Total RNA was isolated and expression of miRNAs and elastin mRNA was measured by quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction. Results: Three miRNAs were differentially expressed in unstimulated fibroblasts from asthmatic vs. non-asthmatic subjects...
    Published on: 31 Mar 2017
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Cytogenetic studies, MTHFR-C677T screening, and homocysteine levels in epileptic patients from South India

    Meyyazhagan Arun , Balasubramanian Balamuralikrishnan , Raman Nitya Meenakshi , Alagamuthu Karthick Kumar , Shanmugam Sureshkumar , Ramesh Kumar Mithun Kumar , Kuchi Bhotla Haripriya , Easwaran Murugesh , Piramanayagam Shanmughavel , Ramasamy Suganthi , Keshavarao Sasikala , Ramón Cacabelos
    Aim: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder with a great impact on the quality of life...
    Published on: 31 Mar 2017
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  • Letter to Editor|Open Access

    Non-radioactive monitoring assay for capping of messenger RNA

    Stéphane Chiron , Philippe H. Jais
    Published on: 31 Mar 2017
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    Assessment of clonality of a large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the ovary and a well-differentiated neuroendocrine appendix tumour by array-CGH

    Alessandro Davide Videtta , Pier Paolo Piccaluga , Gabriele Margiotta , Rosa Concetta Santopietro , Giulia De Falco
    Aim: Neuroendocrine (NE) tumours of the female genital tract are quite rare. Diagnosis of such tumours is based on histological findings, although this does not allow discriminating between primary and secondary tumours. In this paper the authors present a rare case of a patient presenting with a bilateral large cell NE carcinoma of the ovary and a well-differentiated NE carcinoma of the appendix. The aim of the study was to understand whether the two tumours were distinct or rather it was a metastatic cancer. Methods: Array-CGH (aCGH) was used to assess clonality of these two tumours. By...
    Published on: 31 Mar 2017
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  • Review|Open Access

    Translational genetics and genomics: the fundamental nature of NF1 neurofibromas

    Vincent M. Riccardi
    Over the last 50-60 years, medical genetics has been the epitome of scientific disciplines being translated into everyday life, both professionally and in the population at large. Sometimes this progress is in terms of specific biochemical reactions and at other times in broader, more general ways. Presented here is one account of the most common human genetic disorder, neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), exemplifying such a general translation. A careful consideration of the various types of the disorder’s mass lesions translates pathogenetic schemata and improved patient care. There are four...
    Published on: 31 Mar 2017
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  • Editorial|Open Access

    A foreword from the Editor-in-Chief

    William C.S. Cho
    Published on: 31 Mar 2017
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