Non-radioactive monitoring assay for capping of messenger RNA

Letter to Editor

  • The article seemed very interesting, because the radioactive agent is directly associated with how it influences the RNA.
    The development of the article, as well as the explanation of the same in its implication is very good, is very well written and developed ..

    It is an article recommendable for colleagues in Genetics as well as biologists, for the prescience with which these elements are described in the affectation of the RNA by the radioations.

    Highly Recommended

    dcapdepon ( 05/15/2017 )
  • This new technology can provide a new solution for the researchers because it could represent an innovative and really useful assay. These results warrant replications and, if clearly confirmed, this assay will become a quickly spread method used in many laboratories everywhere.

    Anonymous User ( 01/11/2017 )
  • The author presents a real novel non-radioactive assay allowing a semi-quantitative monitoring of capped RNAs. This new method, which is based on differential digestion of enzymatic combinations on mRNA, shows interesting and robust performance.

    Anonymous User ( 01/11/2017 )
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